At General Practice Michiel Boersma we support the maintaining, continuation and improvement of healthcare in the Netherlands. In order to contribute to this, physicians who specialize to become general practitioner can practice their internship period with us.

An AIOS (Physician in Training to become Specialist) carries out, independent, consultation hours and consultations and is assisted by a supervisor (an experienced general practitioner). If necessary, the AIOS can consult the supervisor. Therefore it may be that a consultation takes a little longer. We ask for your understanding.

You can turn to the AIOS, just as with the general practitioner the appointment consultation hour, the telephone consultation hour, a home visit or an e-consultation.


  • Appointment consultation hour
    For a question for which it is necessary for the AIOS to see you personally you can use the appointment consultation hour.
    The appointment consultation hour is held every working day. For this you have to make an appointment by telephone or by using our web agenda online
    For a consultation we reserve 10 minutes and is basically meant for the treatment of one question. If you think you need more time, for example because you have one big problem or several questions or because a longer conversation is appropriate, mention this when you make an appointment by telephone. Then we can reserve more time.
    If you use our web agenda you can make (maximum) two appointments in succession.
  • Telephone consultation hour
    For a simple question, a short consultation and results of research for which it is not necessary for the AIOS to see you personally you can use the telephone consultation hour.
    The telephone consultation hour is held every working day from 10.00 until 10.30 hours. For this you do not have to make an appointment.
  • Home visit
    For a question for which it is necessary for the AIOS to see you personally but you are unable to come to the practice yourself, for example because you are too ill, (temporarily) disabled or have difficulty walking, you can make an appointment for a home visit.
    Home visits can be made every working day, usually in the afternoon. For this you have to make an appointment by telephone. Request a home visit, if possible, before 10.00 hours.
    Because at the GP practice there are better possibilities for research and treatment, it has our preference, when you try to come to the consultation hour. If this is not possible, you can of course request a home visit.
  • E-consultation
    For a simple question or following up on a started treatment you can use our e-consultation.
    When you have an account you can, via the icon E-consultation at the homepage, log in to 'My environment' where you can start an e-consultation at any time.
    After submitting a new e-consultation you will receive an online reaction from your care provider within at least two to five working days.
    If you do not have an account yet, you can request it via the page Log in.

Make an appointment
You can make an appointment by contacting the practice by telephone or by using our web agenda online.